Monday morning I followed the session of Lucas Jellema, Putting a Smile on ADF Faces. The presentation was great, especially because Lucas created a demo with some of the features integrated that Steve Miranda had shown in the keynote session regarding Fusion Apps. Take aways from this session: A table can fetch data in an […]

This group is a place to discuss best practices and methodologies for JDeveloper ADF Enterprise development, including effort by “experts” in ADF to discuss high level issues than those discussed on the OTN JDeveloper Forums. This effort is an overall part of getting ADF experts, advocates and programmers to start collaborating at user group events […]

If you’re developing a Java Application which integrates with an Oracle back-end, you’ve probably run into the following technicalities:transforming an arraylist as a parameter to a callable statement to process and persist the data in your Oracle Database. How can you accomplish this in a generic and re-usable manner:1. Create an objecttype (PL/SQL) – Backend: […]

When talking about data integration services and depending on the audience you’re talking to, this could be: Data needs to flow between different applications, instead of persisting the data on different data containers => Data Consolidation, Data messaging Extract, transform and load => data warehousing, data consolidation Services that are offered within an enterprise, or […]

The overall goal : Integrate the OWB technical stack with the 11g database. This simplifies the OWB installation by incorporating it as a database option during database installation. Additional goals include: Not requiring SYSDBA credentials at OWB installation time Requiring only one OWB schema per Oracle Database instance Requires only a single Control Center Service […]

You could debug bpel processes using different kinds of approaches, such as looking into audit trails, sniffing the soap envelopes with the request- and response message, using junit, using the bpel console, … In this post I’ll mention the 2 approaches I use the most, namely the bpel console itself and Junit. Visual Debugging Using […]