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I’ve added an abstract for ODTUG 2009 on the ADF Methodology Google Group and I would like to share the content of this abstract with the community as well. Especially because your feedback is needed to keep the ball rolling and to check out how many people are using ADF today or are interested in […]

You’ve read about the ADF Methodology Group that was founded for the masses and the group is still growing and the topics are evolving. More information regarding the ADF Methodology can be found on the Oracle wiki page. Today I’ve added some content regarding a definition on ADF Taskflows, BPM, UML, BPEL, etc. and especially […]

Together with Chris, Andrejus, Wilfried and several other ACE’s and ACE Directors we’ve been discussing the need for an ADF Methodology. Chris has started up this thread, and finally on ODTUG we’ve decided to kick-off on Open World Unconference. We will be running an ADF Methodology session at Oracle OpenWorld as part of the un-conference […]

Today I had the opportunity to attend loads of interesting sessions as well, the tips & tricks I’ve picked up regarding ADF, SCM, OWB, JDeveloper. Some of these tips are very obvious, but worth reminding ;o)Tips & Tricks when building applications (with JDeveloper): Use 1 source control system, preferably Subversion ;o) For Continuous integration you […]

The tips & tricks I’ve learned so far at different ODTUG sessions I’ve attended: When you’re thinking about moving to fusion middleware: Use a small subset of tools, no big bang approach: ADF + BC + BPEL ADF Faces is still evolving, so you need to consider the rewrite that’s needed when using Faces as […]

When talking about User Interfaces, Rapid Application Development (RAD), AJAX-like features such as Drag-and-Drop functionality a lot of frameworks pop up. When you’re looking at Frameworks and tooling and vendor-specific solutions you could think of APEX, Application Development Framework (ADF), ADF Rich Client Components, Trinidad, … To be able to compare these products, we’ve tried […]