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In the ODI CAB Meeting held during Open World we’ve heard a lot of new insights regarding ODI Suite and several cases. To sum up the main differentiators of ODI when talking about a Data Integration Strategy: ODI Suite: Data Delivery Services by usage of ESB, the mediator ODI Suite: Orchestration of composite services through […]

The tips & tricks I’ve learned so far at different ODTUG sessions I’ve attended: When you’re thinking about moving to fusion middleware: Use a small subset of tools, no big bang approach: ADF + BC + BPEL ADF Faces is still evolving, so you need to consider the rewrite that’s needed when using Faces as […]

Today Grant Ronald was in Europe for the Technology Seminars organised by Oracle, of course the subject was Forms. For more information regarding forms, soa and the road ahead you should bookmark his blog. The title of the seminar: ‘From Forms to SOA’ and we were invited to present our experiences with SOA, Forms and […]

When you’re trying to integrate external webservices into your bpel process and you need proxy authentication you will probably run into the following bug: 5851338. A patchset is made available to resolve the HTTP-407 issue in your BPEL Environment. For more detailed information : 1) Download and review the readme for Patch.6869621 ( MLR # […]

One of the main goals I’m trying to reach is to advise customers on how to start implementation of SOA in their organisation by using a coaching approach instead of implementor approach. In other words, guide and coach the development teams of each customer in getting familiar with SOA concepts and getting their hands dirty […]

In my previous thread I’ve talked about different tips & tricks when working with ESB, BPEL, ODI, Flex, etc. One of these tips was tips & tricks on invocation of BPEL Processes when using different UI approaches. A very understable explanation given by ‘Hajo Normann’ about this: It is best practice to use the default […]