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Recently I was organizing a seminar regarding Oracle Soa Suite and the focus lied on Securing web services and integration. In my demo I wanted to show the different features of BPEL, ESB and OWSM and of course the ease of integration of these different technologies. The ame was to secure as well existing web […]

When you try to invoke an ESB Service from a BPEL Process or from an ADF application you can run into the following error/exception: Error happened when reading wsdl at “http://localhost:8888/esb/wsil/Fulfillment/OrderFulfillment?wsdl”, because “Failed to read wsdl file at: “http://localhost:8888/esb/wsil/Fulfillment/OrderFulfillment?wsdl”, caused by: : connect: Address is invalid on local machine, or port is not valid […]

Deploying a User Interface Application to the Oracle Bpel Server:When you want to access a deployed business proces via a User interface, e.g. a JSP-page, you will use the Oracle Bpel Java API. This Api gives you the possibility to instantiate deployed processes of your Oracle Bpel Server and to get process audit information, etc.There […]