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Ever wondered how to deploy your first portletized adf application to the ‘Webcenter preconfigured OC4J’ … it’s not documented in the Developer guide and you can’t find it on technet … so what should we do do … Read further … When you’ve created your ADF-application and you’ve portletized it to be deployed to your […]

XML Publisher won’t start up anymore … !!!??? A month or two ago, I installed Oracle XML Publisher on my notebook. In order to run XMLP you need to run the “Oracle XML Publisher Enterprise start” (OC4J) via the Start Menu first. Next, you can run XMLP in your internet browser. First it worked fine, […]

Finally Oracle has announced their new hit on Oracle OpenWorld: Oracle WebCenter For me this means I can finally talk about my sneak preview-experiences at Oracle HQ.In August I went to San Francisco for 1 week expert testing of Oracle Workplace Suite, now formally announced by Oracle … ‘WEBCENTER’ The goal of this week’s expert […]