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When you’re building JEE Applications, you always need to apply to a given set of rules, best practices. When you need to take a decision in which technology to use to build your new application with, you need to be able to deliver each rule of tumb with this technology. Rules of thumb that need […]

Following my post Flex and Oracle, I wanted to investigate how difficult it would be to exchange data between flex and ApEx. After some trial and error I’m pleased to say that it isn’t that hard to exchange data between both technologies. I started by looking for a way to get a simple string from […]

Recently I have been working with Adobe Flex and Adobe LiveCycle Data Services for building a dossier-management system. I came around some strange behavior which I couldn’t understand regarding displaying referential/static data in a flex user interface. The requirement I need to implement in my flex application is to display static, referential data in the […]

Recently we have been working with Adobe Flex and Live Cycle Data Services, part from some little bugs the products seems great. The only thing that stops me from using more Flex is the fact that you need to have a license to use Adobe Live Cycle Data Services and not all customers are interested […]